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Outsourcing from staffing agency Europa Recruitment

Outsourcing means using by a company of services of an external firm's services under contract with the aim to focus on its core activities and improve competitiveness.

Staffing agency Europa Recruitment offers outsourcing of employees (HR outsourcing) - providing companies with agency employees for their needs on a temporary basis.

Within outsourcing, we provide comprehensive provision of selected activities. Complete performance of contract, sub-unit in your manufacturing process based on "Contractual agreement" or "Agreement on implementation of entrusted activities."

If you order outsourcing service you will have some significant advantages - it saves time, resources, and all concerns are on our side. For work done we will provide a guarantee according current legislation.

Examples of using of service outsourcing

We provide performance of variety of tasks, "work on task", we have experience of carrying out activities for various industries:

  • electrical industry
  • food industry
  • building industry
  • engineering industry
  • services
  • cleaning
  • packing operation
  • sorting mail
  • work in logistics warehouses and other.

We conduct all process of activity by ourselves, being responsible for productivity of work and its results.


Other services of staffing agency:
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