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Temporary help, staff leasing – flexible workforce for your projects

Temporary help is leasing of workforce for short- or medium-term. By service temporary help you will get temporary workers during holidays or in case of employee‘s illness. Within temporary help services all issues relating to employees hiring and firing, payroll and HR administration will be solved by us.

Staff leasing (workforce leasing) is a service that allows you quickly get a temporary employee for a long-term project. Formula of staff leasing is simple - "employees for a specific task."

The feature of staff leasing and temporary help is in simplicity of human resource use, provision of  necessary number of people in the shortest possible time, as well as transparency of calculation. Due staff leasing you can save up to 25% of human resource costs. We supply specialists who will take care of all organizational aspects.

Our company offers flexible system of staff leasing that will help you achieve your goals:

  • obtaining of specialists for a specific problem solving,
  • urgent projects that require involvement of additional staff,
  • quick building of employee staff of branches, agencies, etc.,
  • reduced costs on maintenance of HR and accounting departments,
  • possibility to lease workers if number of staff employees and budget are limited.

Services staff leasing and temporary help enable performing a balanced HR policy, ttt quickly solving ttt problem of staff shortages in any work sector, improving efficiency of business processes through involvement of more human resources, while saving time and costs on maintenance of basic functions.

The most demanded professions within staff leasing and temporary help services:

  • Permanent employees or temporary workers in manufacturing industry (automotive, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, operation of production lines, assembly and manual workers, welders);
  • Permanent employees or temporary workers in logistics, warehouse staff, auxiliary warehouse staff, forklift drivers;
  • Permanent employees or temporary workers in food production, operation of machines and lines, packers;
  • Permanent employees or temporary workers in the service sector, cleaners, replenishment of goods on the shelves;
  • Permanent employees or temporary workers to healthcare facilities, nurses, caregivers, auxiliary staff.



Other services of staffing agency: