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Temporary staffing, temporary workers placement, offer of services

Temporary staffing - the process of leasing agency employees for business needs. Temporary workers are temporarily placed employees who while performing work at your workplace, remain in an employment relationship with our agency. We offer an extensive database of temporary workers, which is regularly updated. We will choose a temporary worker for you to best satisfy your requirements.

Enjoy a wide range of staffing services

For staffing agency Europa Recruitment client is not just a customer to whom we provide services, but a partner, whom we help to achieve his goals. Such an approach requires an extensive range of services among which our customer can choose suitable staffing services. One of the advantages of ordering our service is their complexity and complementarity.

Though our staffing agency is focused on temporary staffing, at the same time we are concerned about quality of other our staffing services:

  • Staff leasing (temporary placement of employees, temporary help, agency and temporary workers for manufacturing and logistics companies);
  • Outsourcing (sub-units provision on the basis of contractual agreement);
  • Recruitment (search and selection of employees to your staff).

When ordering our services you get a partner with:

  • years of experience in implementing orders of various levels of complexity;
  • a network of branches covering the whole territory of the Czech Republic;
  • efficient technologies of search and selection of employees.

Our staffing agency is an active member of the publicly available database of job offers and demands www.workmarket.cz that gives us the opportunity to use the most extensive database of job seekers and temporary workers throughout the Czech Republic.

Looking for temporary workers

Where is to find temporary workers? We will answer your question! If you are looking for short-term or long-term temps, start working with our company.  The staffing agency will provide quality employees for your needs. Your order will be filled in a short term. Period of supply of temporary workers - up to 3 days, trade workers - 1 day, craft professions - 3 days.

Temporary workers are placed in industrial production, logistics and storage, in food production, for service and health sectors.

The advantage of temporary placement is that actually we solve all personnel and payroll matters, such as conclusion of temporary employment agreement, calculation and payment of wages, including tax and insurance payments.

More information on our staffing services can be found in individual sections of services. Select a staffing service you are interested in!